Introduction to Insights Personality Profiling Tool

Introduction to Insights Personality Profiling Tool

Introduction to Insights Personality Profiling Tool

Everything in life revolves around relationships. We have relationships with others, food, money, family, friends, colleagues, and ourselves. As a result, personality profiling is a powerful way to navigate the sometimes rocky road to great relationships.

Knowing your personality helps you connect with others

Having a map to guide us rather than a box to shut us up in is useful. And there are dozens of profiling systems on the market. Insights is one of our favourites. In summary, it is accurate, insightful, easy-to-understand, and fun. It can add enormous value across multiple areas, be it for personal growth, team cohesion, leadership development, sales, and service.

Based on Jungian psychology it provides a language for recognizing styles and how to adapt to connect more effectively. Which style describes you?

What colour are you?

Fiery Red: fast paced, decisive, robust, direct, task oriented

Earth Green: calm, harmonious, steady paced, relationship oriented, a steady planner

Sunshine Yellow: extroverted, spontaneous, energetic, people focused, talkative, fun, imaginative

Cool Blue: detail oriented, precise, introverted, steady-paced, conservative, poker faced

Find out who you are and how you show up

The short 25 question profile quiz provides a deep understanding of your preferences, and what this implies when you engage with others. Some key aspects to this are that:

  1. We have all 4 colours within us but to different degrees and usually with a preference to 1 or 2.
  2. No preference is any better than another, they all have value and unique gifts.
  3. We examine two aspects of the personality. Who we are as a default and how we show up currently in our environment.

The report allows for rich and stimulating discussion that can be used to enhance performance, improve connection, and foster great relationships.

Want to find out more about our Insights Workshops? Contact us today and let us customize it to suit your needs.

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