ReThinck Leadership – Connecting With My Staff

People leave managers not businesses. Insightful leaders create effective organisations. Accordingly, leadership is NEVER about the leader. It is always about the staff they serve. As a result, these interventions are designed to enable leaders at all levels to improve their ability to connect with their staff. And similarly, to rethinck how they show up. This may include:

  • Customised strategy facilitation and goal-setting workshops
  • Tailored management and leadership learning programmes
  • One-on-one and team coaching
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Getting your ducks in a row shouldn’t feel like you’re herding cats.


The People Management Toolkit

The People Management Toolkit is an existing programme that can be utilised as is or elements may be integrated as learning modules in any leadership workshop.

Particularly, the programme is designed to help leaders at all levels to get the basics right. Also, it will build their confidence and skill at empowering their staff and help them to create a culture of accountability and effectiveness.

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Great leaders work hard on how they show up for their people.


Effective organisations rest on the foundations of effective leadership where leaders are empowered and skilled to coach their staff up or coach them out. In short, to essentially create a culture of accountability where people become 100% accountable with 0 excuses. Subsequently, this programme provides a solid Toolkit for any manager to do their leadership work effectively. It covers the following:

  • Understand my role and the work of leadership
  • Recruit the right people into my team and business
  • Lead excellent performance and driving a culture of accountability
  • Grow competence and excellence in staff through coaching, feedback and development
  • Effective Industrial Relations: How to discipline (if required) fairly and in line with the labour law, Resolve Conflict with impact

In addition, these modules are customisable and can also include additional topics identified by the organisation.

leadership-management-thinck-organisational effectiveness-joburg

How do you get everyone swimming in the same direction?


So, are you ready to rethinck your leadership? Call on your Strategic Thinking Partner!

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