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The future of learning is digital. For the most part, modern workers consume learning daily through digital means. Online learning programmes are the way of the future. Thinck provides 2 key offerings in the online learning space:


Online Learning Programme

Customised digital training modules to support any programme we offer. In summary, these bite-sized chunks are fun, impactful and support classroom-based learning. Subsequently, using this approach allows us to reduce unnecessary classroom time where appropriate. It also helps to reinforce learning post-training or interventions, assess knowledge retention and drive greater levels of engagement.


One of the customised online learning apps we’ve developed.


Bespoke Learner Management System Content

Thinck develops customised on-line content quickly, cost-effectively and in an engaging and interactive way. Need to communicate a key message? Want to reduce unnecessary classroom time and costs of traditional training? Similarly, do you need to train volumes of staff quickly and on a tight budget? Online learning programmes are ideal solutions! In particular, via an LMS or our own easy-to-access app. As a result, these modules can be accessed on any smart device, anywhere, anytime by any employee registered to do so.


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