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Effective customer service is highly dependent on how front-line staff are treated and feel. As a result, these interventions are developed specifically to ensure sustainable change. Also, to positively impact on the client experience and confidence levels of service and sales staff. It is possible to achieve retail service excellence. We have significant experience in the retail arena as well as in call centres and client-facing operations.

Retail Service Excellence

Our approach is holistic. We aim to build a service culture where hospitality is “how we roll” rather than something we do because it’s a job. Subsequently, solutions may include the development of supervisory skills, review and enhancement of retail/service processes, measurement of service impact (Mystery Shop, Customer Satisfaction), and skills programmes to enable sales service staff.


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The reThinck Retail Service programme enables sales service staff to reach for the stars.


This programme is one of our service offerings and has three core components:


1. Store/Retail Manager Development

The first component is crucial and focuses on empowering store managers or retail managers to be excellent. In addition, we support them to embrace their role and bring out the best in their team through coaching, feedback and accountability. This programme is focused specifically on a People Management Toolkit for retail line managers and includes a section on how to empower and coach staff. In addition, it includes skills to effectively facilitate early morning (training (EMT).


2. Sales/Service Staff Development

The second part of this service includes an effective Sales Service offering. This is built around the customer journey and how to ensure that each touchpoint is impactful. Furthermore, it ensures sales service staff have all the necessary skills to deliver excellence, make an impact and achieve their targets.


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Thinck can help your retail sales staff to reach their targets.

3. Coaching

This service includes coaching in-store or e call centre coaching of managers to ensure application post-training and support the acquisition of skills.


This programme is designed to deliver impact and influence sales and service. For this reason, success measures are set and monitored. In addition, we can also offer access to Mystery Shop services if required. Here we run in-store shopping reviews prior to training, and again post-training to determine the effectiveness of the change and the impact on customers.


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