About Thinck

Your Strategic Thinking Partner

Thinck is a boutique consultancy offering bespoke solutions that drive business effectiveness and unlock human potential.

Our solutions are designed for businesses who are keen to make a real change towards effectiveness. Above all, our service offerings are designed to solve the business problems that keep leaders awake at night. Therefore we work across all levels of the organisation from the CEO to support staff.


What We Do

We are not a training company. We are business partners focused on helping you achieve organisational success with learning and development at it’s core. This is achieved through the design and facilitation of processes and delivery of bespoke interventions. In addition, we offer the implemention of sustainable solutions for the long-term benefit of the business and its people.

We know that every organisation’s pulse is its people. We also know that when people re-Thinck the way they work and engage, the intelligence of the entire company increases. Therefore, our aim is to work with you to raise the IQ and EQ of your business.


Thinck is quirky, intelligent, and incisive. The overriding premise of Thinck is to re-thinck connection and culture. Thinck is bright and creative. Similarly, it is authentic, inclusive and generative. Consequently, it enables people and businesses to embrace their uniqueness and become the best version of themselves.

Thinck designs and delivers customised solutions for companies that are looking to:

How We Do It

Our focus is on business improvement and impact so, ideally, we partner with Executives, CEOs, HR Executives to address the issues that keep them awake at night. Particularly in the area of people and cultural engagement.

Our speciality is to build bespoke solutions to suit the individual needs of businesses. We do this through an assessment of needs and drawing on the vast content and methodology we have gathered and developed over the last 20+ years.

Thinck prides itself in it’s ability to build sustainable relationships. Our network is vast and where required, we partner with businesses to provide sustainable solutions. As a result, we have built up a trusted network of service providers over the years which are hand-picked depending on the solution required.

Are you ready to reThinck your business?

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How We Work

thinck-process-thinck-organisational effectiveness-joburg
1. Diagnose
What are the issues: Gap analysis – this may be observations, discussions with key people in the business, analysing results and even conducting formal gap analysis if required. What keeps you awake at night? What will success look like? Where are their opportunities? What do you want the business/people to stop, start and continue doing? How will we measure the impact of what we have done?
2. Brainstorm
What are the options: In collaboration with the key stakeholders and experts in business we design a bespoke solution which includes success measures, timelines, budget, key milestones, communication strategy, roles and responsibilities as well as sustainability elements so that organisations are empowered to continue with whatever we have designed and are not heavily reliant on calling a consultant in to continue the journey.
3. Pick A Brainwave
What are our choices and what is our preferred solution? Review the proposed solution and ensure that key stakeholders are happy.
4. Activate
Roll out the proposal as per the design.
5. Reflect
What was the impact? Evaluate how the programme/intervention went through the agreed measures.
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Let’s collaborate and become Thincking Partners!

Why Thinck?

We solve the people problems that keep CEOs, HODs and Executives up at night. We partner with large organisations, medium organisations, medium to large-sized teams, colleges and educational institutions to enhance potential, close competency gaps, and improve performance.

Our Experience

We have partnered with Executives, CEOs, HR, Head of Learning & Development, Retailers, Premium Brands, Manufacturing, Sales, Call/Walk-in Centre, Training/HR teams to enhance capability and performance to become more effective.
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