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Candida di Giandomenico
Strategic Thinking Partner
ETDP – University of Johannesburg
LTCL, ATCL Trinity College of London
LTCL, ATCL SA College of Speech and Drama
Accredited DISCOVERY INSIGHTS practitioner
Certificate in Coaching – the Coaching Centre
Leadership & Team Development
Supervisory Development
Process Design & Facilitation
Presentation Skills & MCing
Customised Learning Solution Design & Delivery
Team Dynamics & Cohesion
Relationship Dynamics
Customer Service & Sales Excellence
Trainer Development

About Candida

A versatile and driven Learning and Development (L&D) and Human Resources (HR) Specialist, Candida di Giandomenico offers over two decades of experience garnered across multiple industries. In particular, FMCG, luxury retail stores, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and health insurance.  Thinck is a boutique consultancy. The culmination of her skills and experience with a core focus on using years of experience, passion and know-how to make positive, impactful people and culture changes in businesses.

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Candida hosting an awards ceremony for PCG in honour of top performers in June 2019.

A seasoned L&D professional, her all-around L&D and HR expertise come from a career that included roles as a freelance trainer, senior consultant within a leading consulting firm as well as experience in corporate and senior leadership roles. With many years of public speaking under her belt, Candida is a vibrant and engaging MC. Coupled with her being a qualified drama teacher, she makes an excellent speaker and host for conferences and gala functions.

She has designed and delivered award-winning global training and development programmes, skilfully led specialist L&D teams and successfully managed projects across complex business environments. Able to work with large groups across all levels of businesses, Candida is an exceptional communicator with a remarkable ability to deliver the message with impact that inspires. She has a deep understanding of sales and customer service having worked on projects that improved client engagement and sales effectiveness for luxury brands such as Kurt Geiger, Gant, Chanel, Bulgari and Dermalogica to name but a few.

She is well-versed in engaging with and managing multiple stakeholders, from students, union shop stewards, artisans and knowledge workers, to junior, middle management and executive leaders. Her extensive experience as a trainer and coach have given her the ability to not only engage but to motivate and enthuse others with great effect.

Her vast experience and knowledge of the full L&D cycle, including digital learning and learner management systems. As a result of this, Candida has successfully started up three L&D departments single-handedly. She has a particular talent and passion for developing impactful training programmes that drive learner engagement and retention. Her years of experience have also provided her with extensive exposure to key HR processes, such as Talent and Performance Management, psychometric evaluation, climate and leadership surveys, allowing her to seamlessly integrate L&D projects to bring about organisational change and enhance culture.


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Candida is well-known to be an excellent ideas-generator

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Candida makes an excellent MC for awards functions and conferences.









There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the twinkle in a person's eye when the light goes on and they get it! What could be more rewarding than spending your time helping others be more successful and effective? Development and growth are hard... Navigating business and life is hard... What a privilege it is to get to partner with people and help them lighten that load or find a different path.
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